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Daniel Haynes, Ph.D.
Editor and Lay Theologian
Daniel received his PhD. in Theology from the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom. He is currently an Adjunct Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Brenau University and a lay theologian. He is a member of St. Mary and Martha of Bethany in Buford, Georgia. He has published several articles in academic journals and his writing interests focus on the Episcopal tradition and public theology as well as Patristics, Pseudo-Dionysius, Maximus Confessor, Thomas Aquinas, and Richard Hooker.

Eric Ross Evans
Lay Contributor and Musician
Eric desires to be an artist who interprets the gift of existence through the creative act with authenticity and integrity.  To him, the creative act is not a means to an end but is free, bearing no justification. He has lived and worked with the people of South Africa, Italy, Uganda, and Indonesia, having lived on the island of Java for almost two years.  He has been formed and humbled by every culture he has encountered.

Having studied under Dr. Scott McAllister at Baylor University, Eric has received a bachelor’s  degree in Music Composition as well as the 2006 Baylor University School of Music Outstanding Composer Award.  Eric is currently working towards a master’s degree in composition at the University of North Texas and lives with his wife and son.

David Russell Mosley
Lay Theologian  

David Russell Mosley is currently a PhD Candidate at the University of Nottingham working toward a PhD in theology under Drs Simon Oliver and Mary Cunningham. David's research focuses on deification, also known as theosis, and the role it plays, and should play in human life, particularly human creativity. David's research interests include patristic and medieval theology, sacramentology, liturgy, poetry, fantasy (literature), Christology, Trinitarian theology, deification, economics and theology, ecology and theology, and other areas of Christian theology.

David is husband to Lauren Mosley and is expecting the arrival of his twin boys. In his spare time, David likes to read fiction and poetry, as well as write fiction and poetry; work in the garden; smoke pipes; write hand-written letters; and reading to his currently unborn children.

Kirsten Pinto-Gfroerer
Parish Theologian 
Kirsten Pinto Gfroerer completed an MRes under Professor John Milbank out of Nottingham University in 2010. The focus of her work was the Theological Vision of Charles Williams. She aims in her further work to understand a Grammar of being and becoming through a mystical social vision which she first perceived in Williams work, saw reflections of in the work of the Jewish philosopher Martin Buber and which comes to life in the poetry of Dante's Divine Comedy. This vision is grounded in the life of the Trinity and affirms the material world, particularly the body as the place that God entered and transfigured for our salvation through the Incarnation, Cross and Resurrection.

Kirsten works as a parish theologian and pastor for St. Margaret's Anglican Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She is also the editor of the website The Ecclesial University ( One of her current projects is the development of an ordered Society whose aim is the adoration of God through the life of liturgical worship, the practice of Christian Vocations, the study of the scriptures, and the pursuit of Truth in all realms of life. It is her intent through this Society and in all of her work to bridge the academic study of theology with the living work of the Church.

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